Aldi Shop & Go: Checkout and Privacy free shopping?

Aldi has opened its first checkout-free store, which allows customers to complete their shopping without scanning a single product, or having to go through a checkout. To enter the ALDI supermarket in London, customers must first install the Aldi Shop&Go app and create a corresponding account. Access to the supermarket can be obtained via the app. Cameras in the store will then monitor with Aify technology which products are placed in the shopping cart. As soon as the customer leaves the store, the groceries are automatically settled and the receipt appears in the app which can be paid through Stripe. Customers who want to buy alcohol or other products for which a certain age applies can confirm their age via the Aldi app. The app uses “facial age estimation” technology developed by the Yoti company, this technology uses an algorithm to determine the customer’s age. He has to have a photo of his face taken for this. Customers can also choose to have their age confirmed by a store associate.
What is your impression on the shopper’s privacy when looking at the privacy statement of Aldi Shop & Go?