Is AI Eating Its Own Tail?

AI-generated content is becoming ubiquitous on the internet, raising concerns for the future of AI models. Models like ChatGPT are trained using online content, giving rise to the issue of “model collapse” as synthetic content proliferates. In the AI era, the ancient symbol of a snake consuming its own tail, the ouroboros, takes on new … Read more

Spotify facing €5 million Fine over not fulfulling Dsars

Spotify is facing a fine of approximately €5 million ($5.4M) in Sweden for breaching data access rights of users in the European Union. Te fine highlights the challenges faced by European users in upholding their data protection rights. The complaint against Spotify was filed by the privacy rights organization noyb more than four years ago. … Read more

Does security Ring a bell?

Amazon’s surveillance doorbell company Ring has reached a settlement with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission which will require the company to pay $5.8 million over its inability to keep private footage and audio collected from users’ homes. This action stems from a collection of privacy violations that occurred between 2017 and 2020. Ring customers brought … Read more

650,000 Ways Advertisers Label You

The Markup analyzed a database of 650,000 audience segments used by advertisers to target consumers based on specific information and inferences.The segments include sensitive information like being “heavy purchasers” of pregnancy test kits, having an interest in brain tumors, being prone to depression, visiting places of worship, and feeling “easily deflated” or getting a “raw … Read more

Bank fined 300,000 euros for automatic rejection credit card application

A Berlin-based bank has been fined 300,000 euros by the Berlin data protection commissioner. The fine was imposed due to the bank’s lack of transparency regarding the automated rejection of a credit card application.The bank’s algorithm rejected the customer’s application without providing specific justification. The bank only provided general information about the scoring procedure but … Read more

Risks of Large Language Models such as ChatGPT

Large language models (LLMs), such as ChatGPT, have gained immense popularity and are being rapidly deployed by various organizations.LLMs are trained on large amounts of text-based data and use deep learning to generate human-like text. While LLMs have impressive capabilities, they are not perfect and can make mistakes, hallucinate incorrect facts, and exhibit biases. Concerns … Read more

NHS data breach: trusts shared patient details with Facebook without consent

An investigation by The Observer reveals that 20 NHS trusts in the UK have been sharing private details of patients’ medical conditions, appointments, and treatments with Facebook without consent. A covert tracking tool called Meta Pixel was found on the websites of these NHS trusts, collecting browsing information and sharing it with Facebook, in violation … Read more

How personal does your car get with you?

Did you ever wonder what your car processes for data related to you? Event Data Recorders (EDRs) are installed in over 90% of vehicles and record technical information before and after a crash, including speed, accelerator and brake position, seat belt usage, and airbag deployment.On-Board Diagnostic Information can be accessed through the OBD-II port, required … Read more