Insider Job Exposed: Tesla Data Breach Hits 75,000 Employees

Tesla, owned by Elon Musk, confirms that a data breach impacting over 75,000 employees was the result of insider misconduct. The electric car maker states that the breach was initiated by two former employees who leaked personal information of more than 75,000 individuals to a foreign media outlet. The breach encompassed personally identifiable details such … Read more

Spotify facing €5 million Fine over not fulfulling Dsars

Spotify is facing a fine of approximately €5 million ($5.4M) in Sweden for breaching data access rights of users in the European Union. Te fine highlights the challenges faced by European users in upholding their data protection rights. The complaint against Spotify was filed by the privacy rights organization noyb more than four years ago. … Read more

650,000 Ways Advertisers Label You

The Markup analyzed a database of 650,000 audience segments used by advertisers to target consumers based on specific information and inferences.The segments include sensitive information like being “heavy purchasers” of pregnancy test kits, having an interest in brain tumors, being prone to depression, visiting places of worship, and feeling “easily deflated” or getting a “raw … Read more

Bank fined 300,000 euros for automatic rejection credit card application

A Berlin-based bank has been fined 300,000 euros by the Berlin data protection commissioner. The fine was imposed due to the bank’s lack of transparency regarding the automated rejection of a credit card application.The bank’s algorithm rejected the customer’s application without providing specific justification. The bank only provided general information about the scoring procedure but … Read more

Android phone chip provider was secretly collecting user data

Security researchers discovered that a chip present in some Android phones manufactured by Qualcomm is collecting sensitive user data such as passwords, financial information, and fingerprints.The chip, called the Qualcomm Secure Execution Environment (QSEE), is designed to protect sensitive information on the device.However, researchers found that the QSEE chip was logging sensitive data in plaintext … Read more

ChatGPT back in Italy…

ChatGPT, sent a letter to the Italian SA describing the measures it implemented in order to comply with the order issued by the SA on 11 April. OpenAI:– explained what personal data it uses for training of algorithms;– explaned privacy notice accessible in sign up;– granted all individuals in Europe, including non-users, the right to … Read more

Bing gets search results from Edge

Microsoft Edge browser has a privacy issue that can lead to URL leaks.The issue arises due to the “search suggestions” feature in Edge, which suggests URLs as users type. These suggested URLs are fetched from Bing, Microsoft’s search engine. However, the URLs are fetched even before the user hits enter, and this creates a privacy … Read more

The privacy loophole in your doorbell

Did you know that your Ring doorbell video footage could be part of police surveillance? Ring saw search warrants increase 33 percent in 2022 from the previous year. The lack of legal controls on what police can ask for, and judges failing to properly scrutinize these warrants, opens the door for even indoor home footage … Read more

Proposed EU-US Data privacy framework is too vague

The European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs has recommended states that the executive order is too vague, and leaves US courts — who would be the sole interpreters of the proposed EU-US Data Privacy Framework — wiggle room to approve the bulk collection of data for signals intelligence, and doesn’t apply … Read more