Biden sign executive order on EU-U.S. data privacy agreement

The order will create a new body within the U.S. Department of Justice that will oversee how American national security agencies are able to access and use information from both European and U.S. citizens. It will also give new powers to the civil liberties protection officials within the U.S. Office of the Director of National … Read more

Italy bans Google Analytics due to data transfer to USA

A website using Google Analytics (GA) without the safeguards set out in the EU GDPR violates data protection law because it transfers users’ data to the USA, which is a country without an adequate level of data protection. The set of data collected in this connection included the user device IP address along with information … Read more

New Privacy Shield upcoming?

“The European Union has just announced reaching an agreement in principle with the US on a revived transatlantic data flows deal — potentially signalling an end to the many months of legal uncertainty that has dogged cloud services after a landmark court ruling in July 2020 which struck down the EU-US Privacy Shield. ‘We have found an agreement in … Read more

40% of EU companies stop to move non-personal data beyond its borders

An economic study commissioned by Computer and Communications Industry (CCIA Europe) finds that the envisaged international transfer requirements could lead to as many as 40% of the polled EU companies to stop moving non-personal, commercially sensitive data to jurisdictions beyond its borders, implying a GDP loss of 79 billion euros per year. This finding contrasts, however, … Read more

EDPS investigates use of Amazon’s and Microsoft’s services by EU authorities

The European privacy regulator EDPS is launching two investigations into the use of Amazon’s and Microsoft’s cloud services by EU authorities. The reason is the invalidity of the Privacy Shield treaty between the EU and the United States. The European regulator states that when using the tools and services of major service providers, personal data … Read more

EU IT is losing from US Clouds while politicians are sleeping

Worldwide Cloud Marketshares in Q3 2020 are 32% by Amazon, 19% Azure and 7% Google Cloud (source: Canalys). Still there is no sound of a real replacement of the Privacy Shield, or a privacy regulation for the transatlantic data exchange, which is is a clear failure of the politicians and can only be remedied by … Read more