FBI warns for hack risks on mobile banking apps

The FBI warned mobile banking app users that they will be increasingly targeted by hackers trying to steal their credentials and take over their banking accounts. Mobile banking users who download an app-based banking trojan onto their tablet or smartphone are usually asked to give it the permissions it requires to steal their information.
Such malware does not go snooping around the victim’s Android or iOS device but, instead, it will stay dormant and will only surface when the user opens a legitimate banking app on his device.
The “trojan creates a false version of the bank’s login page and overlays it on top of the legitimate app.”
“Once the user enters their credentials into the false login page, the trojan passes the user to the real banking app login page so they do not realize they have been compromised.” 

Read more about this: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/fbi-warns-of-increased-hacking-risk-if-using-mobile-banking-apps/