GDPR Training


Basic training 4 hours

  • Introduction privacy; what is it?
  • Background regulation;
  • Important terminology;
  • Processing register /
  • Privacy management;
  • What is expected from your organization?
    Data leaks;
  • What are appropriate technical and organizational measures?

After this training you have a theoretical framework with practical tools, starting with privacy in your organization.

Training Data Protection Officer 3 days

Legal framework GDPR

  • Scope GDPR (material and territorial)
  • Concept personal data (+ judgments court if present)
  • Core roles in the GDPR (data controller, processor and subject)
  • Key principles
  • Target binding
  • Privacy Principles (such as data minimization etc but also information on duty, rights of the data subject, documentation obligation, duty to report)
  • Collaboration with third parties (processing agreement)
  • Role of the DPO (tasks, responsibility and competences)

From Privacy to cybersecurity within the GDPR

  • Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)
  • Legal and practical aspects of reporting data leaks
  • Maturity level organizations
  • Tooling: accountability
  • Aspects of cybersecurity
    • CIA classifications
    • ISOs 27001, 27002
    • Compliance (legislation and regulations)
  • Organizational
    • Access control
    • Business continuity
    • Physical access
    • Incident management
    • Measures for remote work
  • Legal and practical aspects of reporting data leaks

From people to technology and control of GDPR policy

  • Workplace security
  • HR Security
  • Human behavior (awareness)
  • Asset management
  • Communication security
  • Operational security
  • Cryptography
  • Basic explanation computers
    • OS (s)
    • Applications
    • Networking
  • Risk assessment and taking measures
    • What are risks
    • Risk assessment
    • Threats
    • Weaknesses
    • Opportunity x impact
  • Measures and approach
    • What are effective measures
    • Cost / result considerations
    • Baseline of measures
    • Prepare roadmap
  • Security and privacy policy
    • How do I set up an information security and privacy policy?
    • Determine responsible persons and senders IS and privacy policy
    • Plan, do, check and act within Information Security and Privacy Management
    • Explanation on the basis of templates
    • Prepare roadmap
    • Evaluation of measures
  • Maturity level organizations

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