ETSI lanches first security baseline for consumer IoT devices

The security of IoT devices is becoming a growing concern. ETSI has therefore created a “security baseline” for these IoT devices. ETSI: “People entrust their personal data to a growing number of online devices and services. In addition, traditionally offline products and appliances are now connected and must be designed to withstand cyber threats.

To meet the specifications, IoT devices must adhere to 13 rules, including f.e.:

– Vulnerability management;
– Secure communication;
– Up2date software and guarantee software integrity;
– Prevent use of universal default passwords;
– Secure sensitive, personal data and credential storage. The standard is designed to suit a wide range of consumer-facing devices.

These include:
– Children’s toys and baby monitors;
– Security systems;
– TV and speakers;
– Wearable sanitary fittings;
– Home automation systems.

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