Austria wants to register user name popular forums

If it is up to the Austrian government, names and address details of users of popular forums and websites will be registered from next year, so that their details can be requested from the relevant platform in the event of an investigation.

Users can still post comments under a pseudonym. With the bill, which should come into effect next year, the Austrian government wants to tackle anonymity on the web, said Gernot Blümel, Minister of Media Affairs. The law should apply to websites and forums with more than 100,000 registered users in Austria, or when the platform in Austria has a turnover of more than 500,000 euros per year or receives a press subsidy from the government of more than 50,000 euros.

Users must first enter their name, address and alias before they can post comments on a website or forum. Offering the option to respond anonymously is no longer permitted. It is up to the internet platforms to determine the identity of their users.

In addition to the bill, it is proposed to use two-factor authentication with the telephone number of the user. Since the beginning of this year, all SIM cards in Austria must be registered with the user’s proof of identity, reports Der Standard.

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