Digital corona passport a good idea?

The idea of global vaccination and health data being stored in centralized systems has many privacy experts freaking out. As the first vaccines against COVID-19 roll out, governments and institutions across the world are scrambling to figure out how to provide proof that someone has been vaccinated. Paper certificates, PDFs, wristbands and mobile apps have all been suggested. leading to the adoption of digital “immunity passports” as a way to reopen the world. There’s a data privacy and security price to pay for being able to prove you’re vaccinated and its permanent access to the rest of your data or compulsory enrollment in a health app. To mitigate these risk there is a solution called “decentralized identity”. It’s a new consent-based mechanism for using verifiable credentials to prove who you are and things about you without anyone else — looking at you, Big Tech — managing, storing or selling your data.
Do you think verifiable digital credentials on a decentralized network with a mobile app can be the solution to meet the challenge of proving people have received a COVID-19 vaccination while providing them with the privacy and security they deserve?

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