Internal, external or shared DPO?

The CNIL – French DPA-published its guide for DPOs.

This Guide analyzes, among other issues why and how to appoint a DPO, what means should be provided to fulfill its mission and the pros and cons of the internal, external and shared DPO roles are compared:

1) If you choose to appoint a member of the organization as DPO, you will have, as a strong point, good knowledge of the organization, but there will also be an inherent risk of conflict of interest, among others.
2) Appointing an external DPO is the solution when trained personnel are not available, but continuous contacts with management must be agreed upon and a level of expertise must be ensured.
3) Some organizations may choose to appoint a single DPO who performs his functions for all of them, which will mean a reduction in costs for them and the standardization of processes, but a good level of coordination must be ensured with the same among all the organizations.