How personal does your car get with you?

Did you ever wonder what your car processes for data related to you? Event Data Recorders (EDRs) are installed in over 90% of vehicles and record technical information before and after a crash, including speed, accelerator and brake position, seat belt usage, and airbag deployment.On-Board Diagnostic Information can be accessed through the OBD-II port, required … Read more

The AI Dilemma

OpenAI’s is the latest large language model (LLM) release. GPT-4 surpasses its predecessor in terms of reliability, creativity, and ability to process intricate instructions. It can handle more nuanced prompts compared to previous releases, and is multimodal, meaning it was trained on both images and text. We don’t yet understand its capabilities – yet it … Read more

Sanction of 800,000 euros for Discord

The CNIL pronounced against the company Discord INC. a fine of 800,000 euros for failing to comply with several GDPR obligations, in particular with regard to retention periods and the security of personal data. Discord is a voice over IP (technology that allows users to chat via their microphone and/or webcam over the Internet) and … Read more

Google settles deception case in obtaining location data for $ 391 million

Google has settled in the United States for misleadingly obtaining location data from millions of users for an amount of $ 391 million. Forty US states participated in the lawsuit against the tech company. According to state attorneys general, Google has violated consumer law by misleading users about location settings since at least 2014. This … Read more

EU Courts’ ruling requires to protect data that indirectly relates to sensitive information

Companies will be under increased pressure after Europe’s top court ruled they must apply special protections to data that firms previously didn’t consider sensitive such as health, religion, political views and sexual orientation. The European Court of Justice on Aug. 1 determined that public officials in Lithuania had their sensitive data revealed because their spouses’ … Read more

Study analyses GDPR fines in the light of data flows

While GDPR related fines to big companies like Amazon or Google have seen widespread media attention, data protection authorities have issued several hundred more penalties since 2018. This study analyzes 856 fines and their summaries provided by the CMS Law GDPR Enforcement Tracker. The exploratation fines in the light of data flows with a detailed … Read more

Data of millions of Grindr users for sale for years

The data was collected through ad networks, The Wall Street Journal reports. The information, including location data, has been for sale since at least 2017. Also “historical” data may still be available, anonymous sources tell the American newspaper. Grindr says in a response that the app changed its policy two years ago, so that location … Read more