Is Surveillance Capitalism the Future of Data Economics?

Surveillance capitalism has implications for our economy, the prospects of a market democracy, privacy and the future of capitalism itself. It transforms society in ways that are profoundly anti-human and anti-democratic and all for the sake of surveillance revenues. The future of surveillance capitalism has to be fought against, but first understanding is needed.

Shoshana Zuboff spent a lot of time on naming, which will be hopefully followed by taming, interupting and outlawing. This in favour of the values and freedoms required to nurture defend and protect individual autonomy and the democratic prospect for our families and the generations to come. Surveillance capitalism declares private human experience as free raw material for translation into production and sales, which is translated into behavorial data for computation and analysis with substantial predictive value. The behavioral data comes from online browsing, search, social media, but also the movement, conversation, facial expression, etc.

With more devices and points connected more data is gathered, which will result in machine learning telling what we will do now, soon and later. Do you think it’s time to gain back control over your data and (y)our future?

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