Ransomware gang with $42 million laundered caught by Ukraine

Details of the Ukraine Cyber Police in collaboration with cryptocurrency exchange Binance show insight into how the group operated. As per reports, they also offered money laundering services of cryptocurrencies through underground forums which are a hotspot for criminals. This led to a source of money from various illegal activities including but not limited to: … Read more

How to improve cyber security within your organisation?

NCSC published the following Small Business Guide for Cyber Security with the following steps for which ID Control gives some free trials of cloud security services: 1. Backing up your data;2. Protecting your organization from malware (f.e. https://antivirusservice.eu/ );3. Keep your mobile devices safe (f.e. https://antivirusservice.eu/ );4. Using password to keep your data safe (f.e. https://idcontrol.pw);5. Avoid phishing … Read more

Privacy activist files complaint against 101 European websites

One month after the cancellation of the data treaty “Privacy Shield” between the EU and the US, privacy activist Max Schrems is taking websites to court that still send data to the US. There are also 8 Belgian and Dutch ones being sued: PostNL, Takeaway, Marktplaats and Lieferando. A month after that ruling, the Schrems … Read more

EU-US Privacy Shield declared invalid, what are the consequences?

What happens to data offered through a US cloud software vendor now that the EU-US Privacy Shield has been invalidated? Because the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) is about electronic communication service providers, this ruling has an effect on a lot of cloud software within your organization. The main problem with US regulations is that … Read more

EU pushes Tech Giants towards sharing and pooling data

The European Commission report “European strategy for data” wants to force dominant tech companies to have to open up their troves of data to smaller rivals, as other sectors such as financial services already do. Read more about this topic at: https://www.ft.com/content/a5c7b640-526c-11ea-8841-482eed0038b1

Amazon no baseline encryption on email servers?

Amazon’s email servers, used for direct communication between customers and third-party sellers on the platform, do not allow baseline industry encryption in some cases, breaking security rules under the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation. A complaint to the German Dataprotection Authority was filed by Non-profit group noyb, led by privacy activist Max Schrems Read … Read more

Chinese military accused of hacking Equifax

Chinese military accused of hacking Equifax

Four members of China’s military were charged with hacking into credit reporting agency Equifax, and stealing trade secrets and the personal data of about 145 million Americans in 2017. Read more about this topic at: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/10/us/politics/equifax-hack-china.html

AI used in chat conversation analysis, major privacy invasion, or gift?

Chat logs analyzers with Artificial Intelligence are on the rise defining matching among others interest, intents, attitude, opinions, personality and character with a score on likelihood. But what happens with this data in the future and did the counter party agree on this privacy statement when you exported your chat log with him or her? … Read more