Insider Job Exposed: Tesla Data Breach Hits 75,000 Employees

Tesla, owned by Elon Musk, confirms that a data breach impacting over 75,000 employees was the result of insider misconduct. The electric car maker states that the breach was initiated by two former employees who leaked personal information of more than 75,000 individuals to a foreign media outlet. The breach encompassed personally identifiable details such … Read more

60% of Databreach costs raise prices for customers

Sixty percent of breaches have resulted in companies recouping the cost of fines, clean-up, and technological improvements by increasing prices, essentially making consumers pay for breaches and companies’ lack of preparedness, according to the “Cost of Data Breach Report 2022”.

T-Mobile pays $4.43 per Data breach victim

Telecom provider T-Mobile has reached a settlement in the United States with the victims of a major data breach that occurred last year in which the personal data of 79 million current and former American customers was stolen. This included names, dates of birth, social security number and driver’s license information, as well as telephone … Read more

Windows 10 location data data breach

The processing of location data is unnecessary, such as Windows 10’s location setting being automatically enabled violates the “data protection by default” requirement under Article 25(2) GDPR. The DPA noted that the principle of “data protection by default” requires that the controller, when using third-party software or firmware, ensures that functions for which there is … Read more

Email hacked senstive personal data exposed

The America’s leading not-for-profit health plans and health care provider Kaiser Permanente,, has recently disclosed a data breach that exposed the health information of more than 69,000 individuals. An attacker accessed an employee’s email account containing patients’ protected health information (PHI) which included the patients’ first and last names, medical record numbers, dates of service … Read more

Proposed guidelines on GDPR fines by European DPAs

Organizations often ask how much chance they have on data protection fines and how much financial reserve they should make for that. Unit 27 June EDPB guidelines on calculating GDPR fines are released for public consultation. Interesting is to have a look at the example for mitigating and aggravating factors that could influence the height … Read more